NeMO2 Corporation

NeMO2 Corporation

If you already have some business partners in Japan,we belive that they are very pleased to support your tansportation, accommodation (and also, sightseeing) arrangement in Japan, whenever you come to the country of ”Omotenashi (hospitality spirit)”. However, when you are planning to do something beyond their business scope – for example, having another meeting with their competitors, making appointment with orher companies of totally different business domain (and/or located different part of Japan) from which of your current partner – sometimes it will change to a challenging task even for your Friends in Japan….

Or, if you are totally new to Japanese Business Scene,how will you make a ”first step” to it? Of course you can find ”overwhelming” information in the internet and sometimes you may have a chance to visit Business Exhibition and get a bunch of business cards. However,after that you may face a difficulty to visit or to get sample products from potential business partners in Japan which is located at the city/town you have never heard of….

Our Expertise
Mr.Osamu Yoneyama (Managing Director of NeMO2 CORPORATION ) and JapanBizAccess staff have plenty of business experience in Japanse major trading firms and major manufactures (textile, home appliance and automobile). We have confidence in our viewpoints how to start, maintain and expand business with your business partners in Japan.Also, making use of our rich experience and know-how in daily business field operation, we are ready to provide you the best practical and efficient hands-on support even if you are not stay in Japan.

Also, as a licesed travel agent in Japan, we can provide professional travel arrangement services for your safe and comfortable trip in Japan. Therefore, you will be totally free from logisitics matters during your stay in Japan.

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